It doesn't matter how many hook or dead bolts you have on your door, the weak point is the euro profile cylinder lock.

Due to inherent weak points in the euro cylinder lock, having little material to give robust strength and the screw fixing enhancing this weakness, using simple tools, a burglar can "snap" the cylinder and gain access to the door mechanism and open the door - in seconds!


euro cylinder lock problem


You may ask why you are not aware of this already?

In the past many police forces have not recorded the means of entry precisely and so the method has been largely kept a secret but with easy access to information via the internet the "lock snapping" method has been on a steady increase since 2005.

The recent Crime Survey for England and Wales (03/04 to 2012/13) identified that forced lock entries were still the most significant method of entry in incidents of burglary and that the front of the property is the most common point of entry.

According to the DHF (Door Hardware Federation) there are 45 million residential entrance doors in the UK with more than half of these vulnerable to snapping and other methods of attack.

What is lock snapping and how do I prevent it?

Prevention is the cure - Get ahead of the burglars and upgrade your home today!

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