avocet abs locks are accredited to sold secure diamond, secured by design and the british kite mark standards with a TS007 3 star rating

Featuring patented Active Cam technology that locks the cam if forcefully twisted or snapped to totally secure your door. Allowing you to still be able to open and close the door safely from inside.

Avocet ABS locks are proven to prevent lock snapping


If a intruder attempts to snap ABS an initial sacrificial section will deploy - This allows the lock to still operate using the key on the remaining section but makes it difficult for the intruder to remove the second part of the cylinder.

Unlike standard anti-snap locks ABS has a patented Active Cam which will fire into action to create a total barrier to entry - locking the solid Molybdenum cam into place.

ABS has all snap security features on the outside only - to ensure the inside section does not break away when attacked.

If ABS has been attacked and snapped from the outside the homeowner can still open and close the door safely and securely from the inside.

Your ABS lock includes a unique key code system which you can link to you. You can do this online at the Key Zone or over the phone 24/7 every day of the year.

Your key code is on your card and not visible on your key - Your ABS key already includes a comfort grip so you won't have to purchase expensive add-ons to hide your key code.

ABS® is one of the highest accredited locks available - with the Master Locksmith Association's Sold Secure Diamond standard, a TS007 3 star rating and the insurance recommended British Kitemark stamp. Find out more.

ABS has also met Police Preferred Specifications and has been accredited by Secured by Design.

ABS is a retrofit product which means you can simply remove your old lock and replace it with ABS - in no time at all, and with no other modifications required to your door.

The only 3 star kitemarked euro cylinder recommended by the European Neighbourhood Watch Association.


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