Where can I get extra keys from?

Click here to find your nearest key cutting centre. Contact us if you need any help.

How do I register my keys?

Simply complete the register key form here.

Do I have to register my keys to get extra keys cut?

You don't have to register your code but you do have to present your key code card at a cutting centre if you have not registered your information. Registering ensures that you can get extra keys cut even if you have lost your card or can't remember which key code was for what door. Avoid later confusion by registering your code. 

How do I measure and fit the ABS lock?

Use the guides here or contact one of our approved Elite locksmiths to visit your home to provide you with a full measuring and fitting service.

My Euro Cylinder has a British Kitemark with one star rating will it be snap secure?

British Kitemark TS007:2014 one star rated anti-snap locks have not passed any snapping tests. A one star rated lock should be fitted with a two star rated door handle or guard. An ABS or ATK 3 star rated euro cylinder can be fitted without a security guard as the active cam system is snap secure.

My Euro Cylinder has the TS007 one star kitemark - Is this anti-snap?

NO - The british standards institute advise that one star rated locks have not passed snapping tests and should not be sold as a anti-snap product without the addition of 2 star rated security handles or guards.

Can I get all my doors on one key (keyed alike)?

Yes - you can order your ABS locks from our elite centres in "keyed alike" format. Please note that keyed alike locks come with 3 keys only as standard - NOT 3 keys per lock.

Can I get more locks on the same key as my existing locks?

Yes - you can order more locks to be produced to the same key code from our network of approved elite centres

I have an ABS lock which is a 30/30 size cylinder with no kitemark is this still snap secure?

Yes - a 30/30 still has the same snap secure active cam technology as the larger locks. A 30/35 and above will have the required number of key differs on the external side to be stamped with the three star kitemark logo.

All sizes of the ATK cylinder have the 3 star kitemark stamp.

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