A guide to the euro cylinder lock standards...

  • SS312 Sold Secure Diamond
  • TS007:2014 - 3 star
  • Secured by Design (Police preferred specification)
  • British Kitemark

The Sold Secure Diamond Standard

Sold SecureSold Secure, the security product test house owned by the Master Locksmiths Association started work over 6 years ago on a test standard to replicate known methods of attack on euro cylinders.

SS312 Diamond was introduced which is considered to be the highest level of approval for lock cylinders, and includes robust tests to determine a euro cylinder locks resistance against snapping.


BSI TS007:2014 is a test specification for euro cylinders and security hardware. TS007 is aimed at protecting cylinder locks against all known methods of forced entry, including picking, manipulation, bumping and snapping, and sets out to provide a way to upgrading the cylinder security of your door.

Cylinder and hardware solutions that have successfully met the requirements of the standard will be marked in accordance with a star rating scheme, with a cumulative total of three stars being necessary to provide complete security.

This can be in the form of a 3 star rated cylinder capable of resisting all attack, or a combination of a one star anti manipulation cylinder with two star protective hardware such as a security handle or cylinder guard.

TS007 lock standard explained

Secured by Design

Secured by DesignSecured by Design is an initiative operated by the Association of Chief Police Officers and focuses on the prevention of crime with regard to homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

The aim of SBD is to raise the security of dwellings and commercial premises, both new and refurbishments through an approval scheme for a complete project, based upon a design phase assessment and final inspection of the completed works, which can often have implications for funding with regards to government funded works.

BSI British Kitemark

BSI KitemarkThe BSI Kitemark™ is a quality mark owned and operated by the British Standards Institute. It is one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety.

Many insurance companies advise homeowners that a British Kitemark™ lock is required to meet the minimum security standards.

What standards has the ABS lock reached?

The ABS lock has passed all lock standards to the highest ratings of Sold Secure Diamond, TS007 3 star, Secured by Design and is also stamped with the Insurer preferred British Kitemark stamp of approval.


Q) My lock has no British Kitemark is it okay?

A) The only real way to know that your lock will withstand lock snapping attacks is to ensure that it has at least a 3 star rating and British Kitemark stamp.

Q) My Lock has a British Kitemark and is tested to BS EN1303 2005 and it has anti-snap lines is it okay?

A) NO - The BS EN 1303 2005 Kitemark standard does not test a lock for lock snapping, only the newer TS007:2012 and Sold Secure Diamond standards test for lock snapping

Q) My lock has kitemark with a one star rating is it ok?

A) NO - A one star rated lock will require a two star rated security handle or guard to bring it up to the 3 star anti-snap requirements.

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