Lock-snapping burglars at it again in the Black Country as BMW is stolen in house raid

A house in Ravenscroft Road, Willenhall, was broken into some time between 12.15am and 6.45am today.

burglar breaking into patio door

The culprit snapped off the lock on the uPVC door at the back of the property before proceeding to plunder the premises, stealing a mobile phone and bank cards as well as the car keys and money.

As revealed by the Express & Star lock-snapping is fast becoming the 'entry method of choice' for Black Country burglars with criminals able to gain silent entry to homes at night within minutes.

Read more at https://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2017/09/20/lock-snapping-burglars-at-it-again-in-the-black-country-has-bmw-is-stolen-in-house-raid/#MQW7IqLlyYmamphC.99



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