On Saturday 22nd March evening I returned to my home to find we had been burgled.

Huddersfield locksmiths show homeowner why upgrading to ABS locks is the best way to prevent lock snapping

I then went through the process of having the locks replaced through my insurance company which I thought was the correct procedure and would secure my house for years to come, I was then to find out later this was not such a good idea!

It was not until Michelle from Avocet Hardware in Brighouse, West Yorkshire contacted me after seeing my burglary article in the local newspaper and offered to survey the house security and upgrade all the locks on my house.

I am so glad I spoke to Avocet Hardware as they explained the "Rating" of locks in the UK and explained how Easily and quickly locks can be broken by intruders.

Locksmiths install Avocet ABS locks for burglary victims in Huddersfield

Through this is learnt that my insurance company would of only replaced the snapped locks with like-for-like replacements – meaning that myself and my partners home would be left as at risk as it was before the burglary.

Now all the locks have been upgraded to ABS Sold Secure Diamond rated locks on behalf of Avocet Hardware and their Elite centre locksmiths at Doortique so I am now much happier my home is secure and the locks cannot be snapped by intruders. This was all done in a brilliant timely and professional manner.

Mark Davies


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