Avocet Heralds RISC Authority Guidance As A Major Step Forward In The Fight Against Lock-Snapping

Avocet Hardware has welcomed the RISCAuthority's decision to incorporate an explanation of lock-snapping and the importance of TS007 and SS312 in the fight against it in its latest "Guidance to Occupiers".

Avocet, which manufactures ABS snap-secure locks, has long campaigned for the insurance industry to play an active role in helping to curtail the rise in lock-snapping and is delighted with what it describes as a major step forward.

"Lock-snapping is a significant issue across large swathes of the country and what makes it so frustrating is that it's easily preventable," said Rythm Jain Saigal - CEO of Avocet. "All we need in order to stamp it out is for insurance companies to add TS007 3-star BSI Kitemark or SS312 Diamond accredited locks to their list of Minimum Security Standard products - and maybe take the customer friendly step of compensating those who have to upgrade by offering a reduced premium."

"But to date they have maintained the preposterous stance of insisting on like-for-like replacements for snapped locks, meaning homeowners are doing nothing to prevent a repeat attack."

"We are extremely hopeful that the RISCAuthority's publication is the first sign of a change in attitude - one that will benefit not just the British public, but the insurers themselves as a result of the significant decrease in break-ins such a measure would deliver."

Avocet uses Leeds as an example of the impact TS007 3-star and SS312 Diamond accredited locks can have on crime figures.

In 2012 Leeds City Council fitted over 10,000 of Avocet's ABS snap secure locks in the east of the city. Alongside other initiatives this led to a 36 per cent decrease in burglaries in the area in the year to October 2012 - which equated to 3,200 less victims in just one year.

In addition, locksmiths across the country have been quick to praise the safety of such locks. Most recently, Bob Callard OBE - a director of Sheffield-based Callard Security said:

"I specified them (ABS) for a client earlier this year, who sadly was burgled last week, or rather he wasn't. His entire street was hit by a team of "snappers" who made successful entries against a range of properties, apart from his. The sacrificial element of the cylinder parted company in accordance with its design leaving his property safe. His neighbours have all asked him why they were unsuccesful, with the resullt that I have now specified Avocet for them all."

"There is no doubting the effectiveness of ABS and other TS007 3-star and SS312 Diamond accredited locks," added Rythm. "What has been in doubt is the commitment of the insurance industry to take the steps needed to broadcast this message in suitable fashion."

"I firmly believe that the RISCAuthority's publishing decision signals the beginning of the end for the lock-snappers." 

The RISCAuthority is an annually funded research scheme supported by a significant group of UK insurers that conducts research in support of the development and dissemination of best practice on the protection of property and business. 

To find out more visit www.riscauthority.co.uk or call 01608 812 500 Download S25 Physical security for homes: Guidance for insurers


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