ABS locks beat the burglars

Dear Sirs,

I am a Sheffield-based independent security consultant. My role is to scour the market place to try to meet the needs of a range of clients and whilst I am a locksmith by training, I do not cut keys or fit locks to make a living.

I was aware of the Avocet ABS high security cylinder through trade publications and various security exhibitions I had attended and felt that it performed well for the price against the main areas where Euro-profile cylinders are often exploited. The North of England seems to have been hit particularly hard with snapping.

I specified them for a client earlier this year, who sadly was burgled last week, or rather he wasn’t. His entire street was hit by a team of “snappers” who made successful entries against a range of properties, apart from his. The sacrificial element of the cylinder parted company in accordance with its design leaving his property safe.

His neighbours have all asked him why they were unsuccesful, with the resullt that I have now specified the Avocet diamond grade lock for them, ordering them through Barnsley locks following a helpful conversation with Linzi.

Linzi asked whether I would be prepared to write this testimonial which I am happy to do and further I have copied my letter to South Yorkshire police burglary team recommending Avocet locks as a good deterrent against this form of crime.

I confirm I have no links or sponsorship by any company and this letter is both spontaneous and independent.

Best wishes and good luck.

Bob Callard OBE



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